The Dream Machine Tour

Second Chance Heroes

Charlie Jabaley’s Dream Machine Tour, supported by Vero, kicked off in Los Angeles in late April 2018. Inspired by Charlie’s own story of personal transformation, the Tour sees Charlie bike across America visiting college campuses and schools to encourage people to write their own dreams.

Stopping off in Phoenix, Charlie met Rose Esparaza, a teacher’s aid at Desert Mirage Elementary School, who is currently battling breast cancer. Despite having no paid leave, large medical bills and an uncertain financial future, Rose continues to put her students first.

Moved by her courage and dedication to her students, Charlie and Vero wanted to help take some of the pressure off her, so - unbeknownst to Rose - Charlie and Vero paid off her entire mortgage, covered her medical bills and bought her a new car.


Committed to transforming lives and making dreams come true for people like Rose who deserve a second chance, you can be part of this extraordinary journey by following Charlie Jabaley on Vero.