MONDAY album w/ bonus track, Heavy Star Movin’ - on vinyl and only on Vero.

2017 has been a big year for Japanese electronic artist, DJ and producer Shinya Mizoguchi (AKA starRo).

Less than two years after quitting his day job to pursue music full time, he became the first Japanese producer to get nominated for a GRAMMY for his remix of The Silver Lake Chorus' Heavy Star Movin' - a song written by the Flaming Lips - his blend of jazz, ambient sound and electronic music has won him fans across the globe.

Fans can now purchase a limited edition vinyl pressing of the MONDAY album with bonus track,Heavy Star Movin’ - only on Vero.

To shop the record, follow starRo on Vinyl and buy direct from his profile with Vero’s in app “Buy Now” functionality (via Apple Pay & credit cards).