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Do you need to be a dick to be successful?

Film director Max Joseph, the co-host of MTV show Catfish and the editor of Casey Neistat's viral Nike advert, has made a new documentary series with new social network Vero which asks whether you need to be a dick to be a successful leader. 

What's new for technology in 2017

Artificial intelligence, voice control and virtual reality – this is the year that science fiction becomes fact.

Look Out, Facebook: The Social Network That Doesn't Want Your Big Data

Remember the time when a stated attraction of Snapchat was the ability to permanently delete messages? Never mind that this claim was effectively contradicted by the ability to take screen shots. It struck a chord with a generation of users worried about how their data might be used.

Temperley London is in lifestyle brand expansion talks

Temperley London is in talks to kick off the next stage of its business with plans to move into lifestyle product. Alice Temperley announced the news yesterday evening at a London Fashion Week event organised by The Industry but stressed that talks are at an early stage.


A printed dress, embellished jumpsuit and embroidered top launched exclusively on the platform following last night’s event. The move makes Temperley London one of the first to tie together the idea of see-now, buy-now as a fashion week strategy together with the trend for social commerce. (Others including Burberry are selling pieces immediately on channels like WeChat).