Vero – New Social Network That Puts “Relationships First”

Vero – New Social Network That Puts “Relationships First”

By John Waldron / in Tech / on Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 07:18 PM

Just over an hour ago a press release announced that Vero – a new social network that believes by putting “relationships first” it will transform the way users think about and behave on social media – have launched their new mobile app. The app in question is currently available for iPhone users in Canada and the US.

Vero is, on the surface, a social network largely like any other – it allows users to make connections with friends and other users, share movies, links, music, photos, original posts, infographics and anything else that you can think of.

What Vero wish to be recognised for, however – and much like Ello in this regard – is the privacy that users can expect with regards to their sharing.

Here’s what it says on their website:

“We believe there is a greater opportunity to bring the social, the personal, and the true back to social networking. We believe that social means interacting with people you know, like, and trust in a private, advertising-free experience. Protect. Share. Collect.”

Privacy, it seems, is at the forefront of the “true” and “relationship first” Vero ethos. Users are encouraged to interact with others and share content privately between each other – rather than publically by default, as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest do, for instance.

“In a world where you are what you post, Vero serves the needs and desires of people who want a safe, genuine reflection of their real-life relationships in an online setting. We have created a platform where users can express themselves in the most natural way possible,” said Ayman Hariri, CEO and Co-Founder of Vero in the press release.

“Social networks tend to treat online relationships as a one-size-fits-all model, and that simply isn’t the way people interact in real life,” Hariri continues. “There’s a special tone you use to talk with people you just met, just as there is an ease in your voice when you chat with your closest friends. At Vero, we’ve figured out a way to humanize online relationships and replicate these one-to-one communication nuances.”