Vero unveils a “Relationship-First” social network

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Vero unveils a “Relationship-First” social network

July, 29

The real world relationship seeker looking for recent type of social network can find help with newly unveiled social network ‘Relationship- first’. The Vero creators bet that there room for new kind of social network.

Like its all social media services, Vero allowed users to share their movies, photos, music and other related aspects. This is little different in privacy around its sharing. Here the users have freedom to share content with available various groups comprising friends, close friends and acquaintance. They can post their content and ensure its privacy.

“We wanted to make user privacy an easy thing to understand and not depend on adjusting 1,000 knobs,” said its co-founder and CEO Ayman Hariri. The users were used to place it’s various connections in different circles of friends, acquaintance, etc.

Hariri stated that Google Circles were much complicated. These unimited numbers of circle left users struggling to decide who goes up in this group and then they had to compete to remember these classifications when these are ready to share.

Vero has four levels of sharing and Hariri states are ‘concentric circles’ of privacy. The friends include their all close friends and sharing their acquaintance will include their friends. This has been shared with all include their all friends. This is neatly illustrated by its slider and users can adjust it to different privacy levels.

Its privacy controls are pretty innovative and there are other features also. Users can make and share their favorite collections and can hit a button to signal whether they recommend movie or other things. And they can begin their chats around this content.

Social networking app tend to be less broad on mobile. This offers specific types of sharing, photos, video and messaging. “People crave simplicity for sure, but what they really want is something that captivates their attention,” Hariri said. “You’re not in the mode all the time to share a picture.”