‘Justice League’ Iceland Set Photo Revealed, Aquaman Involved?

‘Justice League’ Iceland Set Photo Revealed, Aquaman Involved?

By Karthik Prasad  | December 2nd, 2016

After DC All Access revealed an upcoming Justice League trailer on the way, fans have been so distracted with the hype, they miss other exciting stories. Recently, a new photo from the movie was released by director Zack Snyder.

Some fans may feel confused, since the director’s social media accounts haven’t shared any updates in a while. However, it looks like Snyder has been spending his time online after all.


Set Photo Released By Zack In New App?

 A new report confirmed that Zack Snyder has been sharing updates on Vero, a social media app. Earlier, DCEU photographer Clay Enos also revealed that he joined the app via his images shared on Instagram and Twitter. 

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It’s likely that the photographer persuaded the director to join the app. Fortunately, according to Batman News, Snyder has already begun sharing “Justice League” content on the new app.

The director recently shared a photo from the Iceland set showing a small boat. Moreover, the location looks similar to a scene from the initial promo teaser shared at SDCC.


New Justice League Photo Teases Aquaman?

It’s likely that the photo comes from the filming of a scene showing Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa. A similar shot of Arthur Curry walking by as the waves splashes was revealed in the SDCC teaser trailer and the London wrap-up footage.

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It’s possible that Zack Snyder is teasing a scene from the upcoming “Justice League” trailer #3. Earlier, a source suggested that Aquaman steals the limelight in the new trailer.

“Justice League” has finished filming in Iceland. Since then, the movie has been under active post-production. “Justice League” will be releasing on November 17, 2017.