Suicide Squad: New Photo Of Harley Quinn In Action, DCEU Photographer Quitting Instagram?

Suicide Squad: New Photo Of Harley Quinn In Action, DCEU Photographer Quitting Instagram?

By Karthik Prasad  | November 25, 2016

Since the announcements for “Birds of Prey” began, Harley Quinn is one of the most discussed characters along with other DCEU members. Moreover, Harley Quinn’s extended appearance in the new version has also gained her more traction on social media s well.

DCEU’s Clay Enos has once again shared an aesthetic photo of Harley Quinn. The photographer uploaded an image of Margot Robbie’s character from Suicide Squad in action on Instagram.


Clay Enos reveals new photo of Harley Quinn in fight mode.

The photo seems to have been captured when Harley Quinn was fighting off the soliders taken control by the Enchantress. Fans can check it out below.

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Clay Enos is quite known among fans for sharing behind-the-scenes photos of DCEU movies. The photographer has worked with Zack Snyder on various projects and recently worked on “Justice League” as well.

Usually, Clay Enos uploads his photographs on Instagram or twitter to share them with his fans. However, it looks like the photographer will soon be moving on from these social media apps.


Is DCEU photographer quitting Instagram for Vero?

Clay Enos has begun using a new app called “Vero”, a social media platform available on Android and Apple. Since then, the photographer’s interaction with Instagram and Twitter has been reduced drastically.

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In his recent post on Instagram, the actor revealed that Snyder has also joined him in the app. Moreover, Clay Enos also wrote in the description that “As soon as all my friends and folks I enjoy following elsewhere are on Vero it will be my one and only social network.”

Fortunately, Clay Enos also wrote that “I’ll keep Twitter for news and work but all the others are toast.” Fans can check out his post below.

Judging Clay Enos’s decision, it looks like fans would have to register on Vero and follow the photographer for updates on Justice League. Moreover, recently Zack Snyder also shared his set photo on Vero rather than twitter.