What's new for technology in 2017

What's new for Technology in 2017

Artificial intelligence, voice control and virtual reality – this is the year that science fiction becomes fact.

By Jonathan Margolis | January 12th, 2017


The goal of clever technologists is to seamlessly introduce gadgetry into everyday life that you never knew you needed but now can’t live without.

Some products have reached the point of near perfection. The mobile phone, for example, will be tweaked but there are no dramatic improvements expected in the foreseeable future. So what’s next?

The new wave of technological advancement is so futuristic it has been the stuff of wildly imaginative fantasy. This year, expect to encounter computers that can talk, robots that can learn, and virtual reality experiences that are incredibly immersive.

Here, MR PORTER predicts the (very near) future and rounds up the most important trends and cutting-edge technology that will literally change your world in the coming months. VR, IR, here you are.



Social media apps are the centre of most over-sharing, over-excited teenagers’ lives – sometimes to the bafflement of their parents. But coming now are social apps for grown-ups. Vero is one of the more impressive and sophisticated launches because it allows you to better curate and control your feed and choose who sees what, so there is less danger of giving away Too Much Information. You can discuss things such as music, film and restaurant recommendations with selected groups who might actually be interested in them, rather than in scattergun fashion. Less social media, more social life.