Vero adds Apple Music integration and introduces "Follow"

Vero adds Apple Music integration and introduces "Follow"

New York – Discovering new music from your friends has always been at the heart of Vero ( - the next-generation social network that makes sharing what you’re listening to, watching and reading easier and more natural than ever before – but with today’s announcement of full Apple Music integration and new “follow” functionality, sharing and discovering music with both the people you know in real life and followers has become easier than ever.

As a mechanism for discovering new content, an algorithm can never compete with a recommendation from a friend whose taste you rate. That’s why Vero not only makes it effortless to share what you’re listening to right now, but also lets you know which of your friends have been listening to the same track and what they had to say – sparking conversations, passionate debate and disagreements just like the ones that take place in homes, workplaces and college dorms each and every day (as well as the discovery of a lot of new music).

Vero detects what Apple Music song a user is listening to and it takes just a second for the user to share that song with their chosen audience – ‘Close Friends’, ‘Friends’, ‘Acquaintances’ or, in a new feature, ‘Followers’. Any user who sees that post can listen to a 30 second preview of the song without leaving their feed, whilst Apple Music users can listen to the song in its entirety or add the song to a playlist with a single tap.

Vero co-founder and CEO Ayman Hariri commented: “Personal recommendation is still the most powerful way of discovering new music and Vero’s integration with Apple Music makes this simpler than ever before, enabling users not just to discover the music their friends are into but to listen to it in the moment.”

The integration of Apple Music is accompanied by the launch of ‘Follow’ functionality which gives brands, creators and users greater control over what they share with different audiences by adding ‘Followers’ to the existing loops of ‘Close Friends’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Acquaintances’ and enables users to discover a wealth of new content from a curated selection of the best of Vero. 


About Vero

Vero is a next-generation social platform that takes the nuance, control and consideration we use to connect and share in real life and translates it online. By categorizing connections as ‘Close Friends’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Acquaintances’ Vero users can tailor the audience for each post. Whether you want to share a private moment with family and friends or update your entire network, Vero lets you be social in a way that suits you. 

Vero is currently available in the Apple App Store worldwide.