Vero statement clarifying CEO Ayman Hariri’s tenure at Saudi Oger

Recent media coverage has questioned how recently Vero CEO Ayman Hariri played a role at Saudi Oger.

We want to clarify his role and tenure for our users. Saudi Oger was a Saudi construction company founded by Rafic Hariri, Ayman Hariri’s father, in 1978. Rafic Hariri was Prime Minister of Lebanon in 1992 to 1998, and again from 2000 to 2004, prior to his assassination in 2005.  Ayman was living in the US at the time of his father’s assassination and returned to Saudi Arabia to support his family and the business.  He did so until 2013 when he was Deputy CEO and Deputy Chairman, after which he divested of his interests in Saudi Oger and exited the business to pursue other initiatives.  That included the founding of Vero, which launched in 2015.
There have been a handful of media articles in recent years which mistakenly referred to Ayman as if he had an ongoing role at Saudi Oger – including one mention in error on Vero’s own site in a release from February 2016. But Ayman has had no operational, management or board oversight of Saudi Oger since 2013. He has not been involved in any decisions since he left the partnership in 2013. His full attention since that time has been on bringing Vero to its community of users.