Why Vero

We believe that social means interacting with people you know, like, and trust in a private, advertising-free experience.

Vero – True Social

Smarter social

Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.

Share what you want

Smarter Sharing

Movies, TV, music, books, places, photos, links – these are the things we really connect over, so we made them easier to share, enjoy and discover.

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Post photo
Post photo

Photos & Videos

Edit and add filters to photos and videos. Create mini photo albums within a single post.

Post link
Post link


Link out to your favourite articles, videos and websites.

Post Music
Post music


Sample songs directly from your friends’ posts, or listen to the whole track through Apple Music – and add it straight to your playlist.

Post Movie
Post Movie


Share your must-watch and must-nots, and check out trailers to your friends recommendations straight from their posts.

Post Book


Keep up with what your friends are reading, and share your all-time-faves.

Post Place
Post Place


Check-in all around the world with beautiful photographic posts, plus your own pics and recommendations.


We are what we love.

Whether you tell the world, a select few or file away for future reference, the opinions of you and your friends are always going to beat any algorithm.

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Better Together

Introduce your friends to your favourite accounts.

Share your posts on Facebook and Twitter

Tell the World

Share out to Facebook and Twitter straight from the app.

True Social

Smarter Connecting

Everything’s not for everyone, so we’ve made picking your audience completely intuitive for each post.

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Life is a series of social circles.

Every connection is a 'Close Friend', 'Friend' or 'Acquaintance'. They won’t know which loop they’re in, but they will appreciate every post you share with them.


Follow & Followers

Build your own audience whilst following your favourite artists, brands and public figures.

Filter posts

Filter Users

Not everyone’s an expert on everything, so we let you filter the kinds of posts you want to see from each friend.


Smarter searching

Every post from you and your friends goes straight in your Collections – your own personal library of recommendations and passions.


Vero makes sharing, saving, and searching your latest discoveries and all-time favorite recommendations easier than ever before.

Your collections at your fingertips

Smarter Creating

We're already the platform of choice for a whole bunch of incredible artists and brands, creating unique and original content just for us.

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Smarter Engaging

Every post is a little world of its own. Tap to buy stuff, play music tracks, watch trailers and go deeper.

Ad-Free user stream

Smarter Feed

There are no ads on Vero – just the posts you want to see. That also means there’s no algorithms and no data mining. Ever.